JaFran Jones Award

The JaFran Jones prize is awarded annually (whenever funds allow) to the best student paper presented at the Chapter meeting. The prize was established in 1998 to honor the memory of the composer, ethnomusicologist and Balinese gamelan teacher JaFran Jones (d. 1997) who taught at the University of Toledo and at Bowling Green State University.

Eligibility: Student presenters (usually masters and doctoral students) at Chapter meetings are encouraged to submit their papers for consideration.

Prize: The size of prize varies from year to year, and may range from $50 to $200. Second- and even third-place winners can be determined, where appropriate and as funds allow.

Administration: A panel drawn from the Program and Abstracts committees of each meeting selects and ranks the submissions, based on the panel’s selection criteria.


2019: Catherine Lytle. “Memories of Silence: Music and Privilege in Communist Czechoslovakia.” (Honorable mention: Christian James. “Song Repertories, Social Movements, and the Institutional Goals of a Southern Indiana Church.”)

2018: Matthew Knight. “Song as Intangible Cultural Commodity: Neoliberal Governmentality meets Ancient Hospitality in the Georgian Highlands.”

2017: Jessica Hajek. “The Capital of Carnival: Advocating for Alibaba and the Implications for Cultural Policy in Santo Domingo.”

2014: John Michael McCluskey. “‘Shake Down the Thunder from the Sky’: Music and Militarism in College Football.”

2013: Jordan Newman. “Sounding Military Identity through U.S. and Canadian Recruiting Videos.”

2012: Julian Lynch. “Music and Communal Violence in Colonial South Asia.”

2011: Beth Hartman. “Shimmy, Walk, Bump, and Grind: The Burlesque Revival in Chicago.”

2010: Tanya Lee. “Playing Together in the City that Works: Chicago and the Legacy of the Folk Revival.”

2009: Matthew Sumera. “Music, Aesthetics, and the Technologies of Online War.”

2008: Natasha Kipp. “Contestation in the South Caucasus: Musical ‘Masterpieces’ and the Role of UNESCO.”

2007: Alyson Jones. “Local Debates, Folking Communities: Reflections on the Salentine Revival (Italy).”

2006: Jesse Samba Wheeler. “Of Griots, Gurus, and Guitars: Memory and Tribute in Brazilian Rock.”

2005: David B. Pruett. “When the Tribe Goes Triple Platinum: Conducting Ethnomusicological Fieldwork in the Popular Mainstream.”

2003: Corinna Cambell.

2003: Klevor Abo.

1998: Karen Peters.